2017 Rewind: Dany Rodriguez


How was 2017 for you?
Dany Rodriguez: 2017 was nice and a great year also for personal reflexion about how the industry is going and how to play with what attracts the audience (today in 2017). If I compare with when I started in 1997, about 20 years ago, absolutely everything is different, the manner in which to discover new music and also a different approach to the scene. Sometimes I wonder what 2017 in the industry would be without socials? And what will be certain profile without socials? All of this gives me a positive reflexion and it’s great to open new doors for me on musical projects and what I personally want to reflect.

My highlights are based on my different musical projects with new partners and how my brand LINK is climbing since we created it in 2014.

I mean the lowlights are simply time, which is always too short in one day to do all the things I wanna do.

Song of the year?
Aphex Twin -“end E2”


What’s your New Year’s resolution?
To focus most of my time on creating new musical projects.

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