2017 Rewind: D-Formation


How was 2017 for you? 
D-Formation: Looking back to this year, I can say that it has been a year of many fulfilled goals. I have continued visiting countries around the world with my gigs in incredible events and also releasing tracks by big labels like Suara, Einmusika, and Global Underground among many others. But perhaps this year what I most want to highlight is the work with my label, as I said last year for bigshotmag, I was starting to work hard again with my label, Beatfreak Recordings, and with the new project T U S H music. It is now a reality. This year I have got together with my team to put Beatfreak Recordings back in the place it deserves since this year we turned 20. We have had many top positions and incredible artists in the label such as Metido Hristov, Quivver, Rafael Cerato, Luigi Rocca, Matt Sassari, Oscar L, Alberto Ruiz, Wally Lopez, Steve Mulder, and Mario Ochoa.

I am happy to have enjoyed so many new places and to make new friends around the world. I am glad to see that the people know and enjoy my music. In moments like this I know everything it’s worth it.

Those days in the studio in which, although you are working many hours, you don’t reach the inspiration. Those moments make you think a lot about everything.

Song of the year?
I have many favorite tracks this year but I think the one that I played the most this year is
Township Rebellion’s “The Sioux” (Original Mix) on Suara.

Whats your new year resolution?
As I said before, I think it has been a very good year of fulfilled goals. The new project that started at the beginning of 2017 (T U S H music), and the fact that my label Beatfreak turns 20, is in one of its best moments. It makes me feel really good and with a lot of desire to work more and more in 2018. But we have to continue working and give out all the new projects that I have in mind for 2018.