2019 Rewind: Chuck Da Fonk

Chuck Da Fonk

How was 2019 for you?
Chuck Da Fonk: A really great year for FSQ. This was a rebuilding year for us on the DJing front as our brother and FSQ member Sa’d The Hourchild Ali passed away in 2018. On the DJ front, Chas Bronz joined Chuck Da Fonk for appearances as FSQ, proudly carrying the torch for Sa’d Ali. On the production side of FSQ’s activities, we wrapped up recording our full-length album for Soul Clap Records, Reprise Tonight, out in 2020.

Dolette McDonald (of Talking Heads, Sting) joined us for another collaboration. This time we covered the 40-year-old classic by the Talking Heads, “I Zimbra” with Alan Dixon and Soul Clap turning in smashing remixes on that EP.

A few absolutely smashing productions we turned in wound up on hold for whatever reasons by a few record labels so the slate of FSQ music in 2019 was not as robust as we would have liked it to be. Well, we guess that means more FSQ for 2020!

Song of the year?
For us it has to be Quantic’s “Atlantic Oscillations (Disco Dub).” We wish we made this track! It summarizes what we aim to achieve in our FSQ Caribbean-disco sound.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
To be organized; continue to plug our network and make new contacts to achieve our goals of FSQ music being heard by more people across the globe; more collaborations with larger artists in dance music and beyond, and more DJ and band appearances beyond the U.S.

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