2019 Rewind: Christopher Kah

Christopher Kah

How was 2019 for you?
Christopher Kah: 2019 was an intense year of music creation with many projects/concepts, like for instance the Exist Series [released at the] end of year.

I strongly felt the need to share my tracks right away. It’s cool to send the tracks to big labels, but somehow this year I felt exhausted with the whole process and the amount of time it takes from the moment the track is created to a release date … I needed more freedom, more spontaneity.

Let’s not forget why we create music … it is for ourselves in the first place, and the natural motion for the sound is to go out there, to people’s ears and body, kind of right away! That’s the main reason why I decided to create Exist Series; my different compositions released from 13 December on.

I was also very happy to release my first house EP on the English label Food Music, and of course, a techno EP on GEM Records. I also enjoyed feeding my Youtube channel with my concept RE: SOURCE, which consists of creating a track with the least possible machines!

The highlight for me is finally at this end of year. I am currently working on an unedited live performance! It’s a combination of everything I’ve done until today; a totally dance floor concept, powerful sounds, with just a couple of machines … I’ve always wanted to do a full live performance with a minimum equipment. I had a concept in my mind, but so far I hadn’t found the right instruments. Now I have what I need …. more information very soon! 

Forgot about these already.

Song of the year?
Rather than a song, can I tell you about the machine of the year? It’s the brand-new Roland MC-707. I found how to condense a real live [set], with spontaneity and unrestraint creativity. Now I can feel free a live focus on the sounds and inspiration of the very moment, without my eyes fixed on a computer.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Live !