Christian Smith Talks Ultra Music Fest & Movement, New Music & Why He’s Having a Blast Touring & Playing Techno in America

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Christian Smith is an artist who’s always on the go. The mastermind behind Tronic Records and its Tronic Nights party, he’s been especially ever since he released his Synergy album in the fall, a collaborative album he produced on the road in studios in New York, Brazil, Tokyo, Germany, and Barcelona.

Fresh from issuing the Count Zero EP (Part 1) with NYC technocrat and frequent production partner John Selway, Smith is headed to America to play a whirlwind set of DJ gigs — four in three days, to be exact. We caught up with Smith to get the lowdown on his upcoming sets, forthcoming new music on Tronic (which includes a Synergy remix album), as well as which US-based artists and labels he has his eye on. Continue Reading

2017 Rewind: Christian Smith

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How was 2017 for you?
Christian Smith: It was a bit of a whirlwind. 2017 was a solid year for me. I did tours in North America, Asia, Australia, and South America while producing an album at the same time.

Same highlight as every year. The fact that people ask me to play all over the world. I feel so lucky doing what I love for a living.

My two-year-old daughter broke her arm one day before I was about to fly to Mexico for BPM. I obviously canceled my trip. Thankfully we partnered the Tronic event with Transmit, and Boris played a longer set to compensate my absence. Also, having my Off Week Tronic Beach Festival canceled two days before it was scheduled because all licenses for beach events were suddenly revoked from the Barcelona government. We still managed to move the party into a club for 1,500 people, and it was great. But you can’t beat an open-air free beach party.

Song of the Year?
Rob Hes – “The Solution”

What’s your New Years resolution?
To start playing more tennis again. Going to the gym is so boring.

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