2019 Rewind: Brunetto


How was 2019 for you?
Brunetto: Well, as usual, and at least throughout the last decade, [it was] very, very intense. 2019 was loaded with experiences in all areas related to music in which I usually work (composing, press and communication, writing), with most of them very satisfying. Clearly I can get used to this so hectic music business life, where professionals are constantly mutating. If you don’t, you’re out! It is insane how fast the days, weeks, months fly lately. .. that happens when you’re a music junkie, a passionate of dealing with new projects, challenges, artists, ideas … a truly but satisfied workaholic! 2019 has been no less than 2020, you’ll see!

As a musician I lived a beautiful experience first composing and then filming the video for “Humanity” in an incredible place as Bardenas Reales here in Navarra (Spain). Game of Thrones was there! I’m very happy of how special the EP released on Sincopat worked out. All this has given me strength and confidence to start preparing a new EP – with more original tracks this time – for this label which I really love. Glad also [about] the remix for Daniel Van Lion’s “Amaina.” I had the chance to express myself with that Boards of Canada mood I love so much.

Another remarkable point in this 2019 has been my great time in a new Sitges Festival edition. Music and sci-fi/horror movies are my greatest passions. Musically speaking, I have much to say in this regard yet… My very first time at L.E.V. Festival (Gijón, Spain) also worth mentioning!

At work level, within the musical field, I have no complaints. At least to call them lowlights, just the usual ones that must be solved immediately. While it is true the political and social earthquake that the entire planet is experiencing do not help much when it comes to concentrating … at least not always. On the other hand, I want to believe the union of communities will achieve a fairer and better world. If the planet Earth did not die before, that is another. I am very concerned about how rulers as Bolsonaro, Trump and in general the nationalists are ignoring climate disaster. They all are blinded by greed.

Song of the year?
Alessandro Cortini – “La Storia” from the Volume Massimo album on Mute Records.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Keep my desire to continue learning and growing intact. Do not stop discovering new music daily. This is something I always loved. Eat less chocolate? (This is for me what smoking is for other people), spend more time experimenting/working in the recording studio and breathe more fresh air in some mountains. Ah, and if possible, have a dog puppy with me while I do all that.

Image by MP Hubaczek

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