2019 Rewind: Billy Nasty


How was 2019 for you?
Billy Nasty: I really enjoyed it. I had some fantastic gigs, Electrix released some killer EPs and my online record shop, The Vinyl Curtain, went from strength to strength. In the summer I had a fantastic trip to Jamaica where I stayed at Island Records’ Chis Blackwell’s hotel in Negril called The Caves, which was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever stayed at. It was nice to travel without my records for a change and to just relax and plan the rest of the year and start thinking about how to attack 2020 as it’s Electrix’s 20th anniversary, so I have many plans for the new year!

I was really happy to finish the debut release from M-Twelve called the Apocalypse In Paradise EP, which is a project I had been working on with Nick Dunton from Surface records and 65D Mavericks fame. We had been working on it for a while as it’s hard for us to get together as often as we would like, due to both of us being busy with other projects and commitments. At times I was unsure about the tracks as they sounded radically different from anything I had worked on before, but once released the EP got some great reviews and amazing feedback from everyone in the scene.

Houghton Festival being cancelled was a real kick in the balls, as the year before it had properly blown me away. For me, it was easily the best experience/gig of that year. I was due to be running the Vinyl Curtain there just like the year before and was just loading up the stock into the van when we heard the terrible news. I felt so sorry for Craig and Amanda Richards, all the staff and crew, and obviously all the artists who were booked to play, and most importantly the people who had bought tickets and were all geared up for another great weekend. It’s great that it’s back on next year so I’m really looking forward to returning.

Song of the year?
Always a tricky question as there’s been so many great records this year. If we’re talking electro, I’d have to go for No Moon’s Sirens EP on Mechatronica. Its distorted 808 groove and old-school chopped-up drum edits are pure class. It absolutely smashes everywhere that I’ve dropped it at.

On the techno tip, I can’t name my favorite as there’s been some right monsters this year. Although I’d like to say i’ve been really impressed by the productions of Dawl, Ryan James Ford and James Shinra. I really like the way these 3 artists are using classic drum breaks in there productions and blurring the lines between techno, electro and electronica. I buy all their releases blind, and I’m never disappointed.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
To cut back on the drinking and partying as I’ve realized this year that it affects your mood in the week and stumps your creativity. I’ve had a few friends in the scene do this recently and it seems to have worked really well for them. I’ve smashed it for the last 30 years and now that I’m 50, I don’t need or want anything to get in the way of my career. Plus, the hangovers just seem to last for days now. Next year I’m sure it’s going to be strange but I’m gonna try my best to live a bit more sensi-Billy.

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