Tyree Cooper x Riven: The Big Shot Interview



Although acid house recently lost one of its founding fathers with the passing of Phuture’s DJ Spank-Spank, the genre continues to thrive. DJ/producer/Lauter Unfug co-founder Riven (a.k.a Thierry Loesch), who has released tracks on Cubism, Habitat Music, LoudDJs and My Favourite Freaks, added a new wrinkle to the style’s tattered fabric last month when he dropped the squelchy Acid Break EP brandishing loads of raw 707s and 909s.

When we noticed Riven had tapped Chicago house legend Tyree Cooper — he was in the Windy City when house music was it its infancy and later went on to gain notoriety for countess hip-house releases and assorted jackin’ tracks — to remix “Acid Break,” we asked them to connect for an exclusive chat. Having developed a rapport from playing several times together, they interviewed each other about the past, present and future. Continue Reading

Pan-Pot x Michael Klein: The Big Shot Interview


After having the pleasure of world premiering “Pattern Movement” featuring Geneviève Marentette from Berlin techno producer Michael Klein’s brilliant Drawing EP released last week on Pan-Pot‘s Second State label, we have a special treat for our readers. The duo — Thomas Benedix and Tassilo Ippenberger — sat down for an intimate chat with the latest edition to their label’s growing roster of talent.

In this revealing interview, Pan-Pot ask Klein about his music-making process and the array of creative activities that are on his plate.

“I always end up running multiple projects at the same time,” he confesses to the guys. “Once I have an idea in my head, I cannot stop until I release it. It’s a curse and a blessing but with less sleep, good time management and pure selfish drive to finish what I have started, I get it done somehow.” Continue Reading