Big Shot Guest Mix: Ghosting Season

There’s something truly beautiful and majestic about Ghosting Season‘s debut album, Very Last Of The Saints, released on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth label. The musical union of Gavin Miller and Tom Ragsdale (who are also known collectively as worriedaboutsatan), the pair adeptly blend elements of ambient, post-rock, techno and electronica into a quixotic signature while eschewing current musical fads and trends. The result is an album that effortlessly blazes new trails without any pomp and circumstance.

Luckily for us the duo found time to craft an exclusive Big Shot Guest Mix.

“This mix was a bit less hectic than some other mixes we’ve done recently, but really wanted to respect that fact and keep the whole thing going with a pace and groove that runs throughout its 55 minutes. Plus, as always, we wanted to keep it interesting, so threw in a few oldies,” relate the duo.

“Kuedo and Luke Abbott fitted each other so well, like they’re brothers from parallel universes or something. That Jacques Greene remix of Radiohead is a favorite of ours too, and one we love to play out as much as possible — he totally nailed that remix! Youandewan and Blondes are only recent finds for us, but we love their atmospheric, melancholic take on techno so really wanted to include them somewhere. Depeche Mode will always be a firm favorite with us too, and that Grauzone track is just too good to leave out, techno mix or not.”

Download and enjoy.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Ghosting Season (2012) by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: Ghosting Season

1. Kuedo / “Visioning Shared Tomorrows”
2. Ghosting Season / “A Muffled Sound Of Voices” (Luke Abbott remix)
3. Agoria feat. Carl Craig / “Speechless”
4. Radiohead / “Bloom” (Blawan remix)
5. Depeche Mode / “Behind The Wheel” (Vince Clarke remix)
6. Blondes / “Lover” (Dungeon Acid remix)
7. Ellen Allien / “My Tree” (Ripperton’s Backlash remix)
8. Radiohead / “Lotus Flower” (Jacques Greene remix)
9. Youandewan / “1988”
10. Massive Attack / “Paradise Circus” (Gui Boratto remix)
11. Grauzone / “Eisbär”