Album Review: Tazz / ‘Adventures of Tazz’ (Tsuba)


Canadian quality control has fast learning decksmith Tazz respecting Detroit/Chicago origins with his own vintage-is-the-future motif. Bearing classic acid hallmarks (“Worked It”) and comfortably bridging the gap in the place to be from then and now, his Adventures — do not take this as musical journey truism, but 10 days-in-the-life-of dancefloor outings — involve boosting historical skitter and swing and being careful not to over-elaborate. Sticking essentially to kick-n-clap drums and straight-ahead rhythms, with time and technology comes added horsepower so that the fabled essence has muscle made to last. The dirt that keeps “Captain Groove and The Oscillators” shaking, and the fidgets and warbles of “La Salade Techno” that can barely contain themselves (Tazz temporarily abandoning the gradual instruction of the groove), use their primal position to create a roominess that leaves its stomping boots on.

Added to by the luminescence of the newer school “That’s What It Said,” the train of thought leans back to a time when deep house was a more studious, scientific appreciation of the art, instead of looking toward the urbane. Not that Tazz really overlooks anyone — whether smartly attired or rocking warehouse chic, he keeps the traditionalists happy, giving contemporary house heads a thorough working over, and owning the dance floor throughout.
File under: DJ Marcelo, Mr. Fingers, Boo Williams