2019 Rewind: Ascorbite


How was 2019 for you?
Ascorbite: Pretty transformative in many ways. Both musicwise as well as on a personal level. 
Lots of new things going on and some new music coming out, remixes and originals. 
Some of it will be a bit more leftfield than my previous material, which is exciting to present.
 I also launched a new project under the alias of Emotional Ty and released a few EPs. 
It’s an outlet for the melodic and deep stuff, which I will definitely be releasing more 
in the near future.

Putting out my first ever album called Macrocosmic Framework, and the recent Mixmag 
review of a track off the latest Emotional Ty release on Human King (local Malmö label, 
Bandcamp-only) called “Wanderlust.”

I will have to repeat last year’s answer: no lowlights, just the regular ups and downs.

Song of the year?
In regards to techno I will have to say that the one track that really stood out from the 
rest this year is Wallis’ “Apt 1245” on Jell. It’s a proper brain fornicator. In regards to 
the stuff I listen to at home there are way too many.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
I have this yearly tradition since the day I got aware of this phenomena of not making any 

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