2019 Rewind: Apparel Wax


How was 2019 for you?
Apparel Wax: 2019 has been a great year for us with the release of our first LP, then the sixth EP and a special Japanese CD issue which have been a great success.

We give credit to our fans and listeners because that’s a massive boost to our confidence. It gives us the strength to look for new material and helps us to find new ideas to complete our vision of what Apparel Wax is.

High tide and low tide, it’s always like this ut we like to always think positively and find new motivations and learn lessons from a disappointment.

Song of the year?
My pick is the whole Flying Lotus LP Flamagra. It’s an example of perfect narrative technique which actually matches with what Apparel Wax is trying to do in terms of storytelling. Every track of the album is functional to the next one in the track list but they doesn’t necessarily have to be similar one another, they’re just little stories that, brought together, tell the whole story. That is essentially what we tried to achieve with Apparel Wax’s first LP, and I hope we succeeded.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
We’re excited to welcome 2020 with our seventh EP, but this year’s highlight is going to be Apparel Music’s tenth birthday. We’re preparing something special to celebrate this milestone. We’re also setting up our first world tour to be able to bring our vibe, an inclusive vibe, to our fans even in the remotest places.