Afro Brotherz 5 Tracks of the Moment

Afro Brotherz

South Africa’s dance-music scene has been coming on strong for years, bringing transformative musical innovation and fresh vibes to the genre.

One of the area’s emerging acts is Afro Brotherz, a duo composed of childhood friends DJ Click DrumSoul and DJ Mohamed. Both mixmasters grew up together in Mpumalanga and have explored a host of dance floor styles over the years.

After scoring success with Afro Brotherz feat. Gentlemen & Happy V’s “Regular” and Afro Brotherz & DjCider’s “Mexican Girl,” the duo raised their profile even higher last year with the Drumsoul Music EP for Afrocentric Records.

The twosome return to the label on February 2 with their follow-up Tick Tock EP, boasting remixes by Silvano Del Gado and label boss Cory Centric.

Ahead of the EP’s release, we asked the Brotherz to share their five tracks of the moment. Continue Reading