DJ Pierre Taps Xenia Beliayeva For Afro Acid Project

Acid house pioneer DJ Pierre has tapped Russian vocalist/producer Xenia Beliayeva for his Afro Acid project focusing on unsung talent. Beliayeva, a music industry veteran who has worked at various promotion positions and has issued tracks on tracks on Datapunk as well as Ever Since, her 2010 album for Shitkatapult, brings her vocal talent to “XTC.” The track, which features an intentional monotone vocal from Beliayeva, will include remixes from DJ Pierre (Acid Face), Chicago’s Angel Alanis and Denver’s Greg Grajek.

In addition to working as a DJ, most notably as resident at her Kill Them All events in Hamburg and on her Internet radio show, Beliayeva has also directed music videos for Detroit Grand Pubahs and Oliver Huntemann. Could a music video with DJ Pierre be in the works?

In the meantime, “XTC” will be released on Afro Acid Digital on May 14.