2019 Rewind: Matchy


How was 2019 for you?
Matchy: 2019 was definitely a great year after kicking of my solo project in 2018. It actually went by way too fast. But I had a lot of wonderful gigs. And in terms of releases it has also been my most successful year as a producer so far.

Oh, there were a couple of highlights like the whole festival summer in Germany, I got to play a lot of beautiful festivals; my Columbia tour;  joining The Cloud for the US and enjoying my time at Art Basel. My track “Irreversible” on Katermukke is still Beatport Top 5 after [several] months and one of the most successful tracks this year. I think I’m missing a few now, but yeah it really could have been worse.

Well, I didn’t really see any lowlights. This year has also taught me that although I have the greatest job I can imagine, it also comes with some sacrifices. When playing a lot of gigs, it’s sometimes not so easy finding time to spend with your girlfriend and friends. Plus, being productive in the studio becomes more difficult as well.

Song of the year?
It’s not the style I play at gigs but I recently discovered this song, something with Fisher…losing… this one not! Haha.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
I already have a couple of goals for next year and besides music I want to live a little bit healthier – that one’s definitely on the list. And as a general suggestion: Take time for the stuff you love and don’t focus on things that won’t let you progress. Sometimes uncomfortable steps are necessary but they have to be done and will bring change for the better.

Image by Daniel Stuhlpfarrer

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