Review: SevenDoors – Mesoplodon EP

sevendoors - mesoplodon

3.5 out of 5 stars

UK producer SevenDoors is back for another emotional, passion-infused ride through the dreamscape of melodic techno on Mesoplodon (Carioca Records). SevenDoors’ unique sound is layered with seemingly random 808 attacks, staccato rolls and a synthetic lushness. “Oceano” ushers in heady atmospheric swirls around a pulsing bassline and galloping drums. “Belaena” brings big bottom beats with stuttering acid rips and hypnotic percussion cresting melodic layers of techy riffs. Title track “Mesoplodon” packs a gut-punchin’ kick drum and lays a solid foundation for stacking sounds and fills, each finding its own order from techno chaos. As they drop into place the big picture slowly builds into something you hoped for but weren’t sure you should expect. The angelic chorus and smashing breakdown wash back into the heavy undercurrent of drums; this is my top pick of the release.

DJ Elroy

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