Album review: Peaches / ‘I Feel Cream’ (XL/Beggars Group)

peaches-i_feel_creamExploring a softer side of her libido, Peaches puts aside the punchy rock leanings of her most recent incarnation in favor of futuristic disco cuts that reflect the various talents of her co-producers: Simian Mobile Disco, Soulwax, Digitalism and relative newcomer Drums of Death. As expected, delicious bass lines run rampant.

Against the odds, Peaches continues to strip layers away from her persona, exposing herself to be an artist of impressive range. I Feel Cream is an often great, but oddly imperfect disc. I disagree with its sequencing—the Donna Summer-esque title track, which drops six songs in, is so addictive that it towers over the other material here. I need to hear it first or I can’t focus on the five rather-strong songs that precede it. (She’s had worse problems; cue 2003’s underwhelming Fatherfucker for proof.) Peaches still raps about her sex drive, but the disc’s highlights generally involve her singing chops: “Talk to Me” is strikingly impassioned, a stark contrast to the vulnerability in her falsetto on the eerie, alluring “Lose You.”
Christian W. Smith
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Simian Mobile Disco, Vanity 6, songs about vaginal wetness.

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