Ben Klock / One (Ostgut Ton)


With a steady release of dance floor 12” releases over the past decade, this album marks Klock’s first full-length appearance.

Mixing up the tracks between downtempo and club techno, the versatility of production techniques is apparent, showing a side not yet offered on previous EP installs. Bubbly looped-out acid remains a theme, while reversed female vocal treats are offered throughout as well. While many of the tracks are minimalist, the sounds developed in the music are unique and dynamic, displaying Klock’s ability to tweak an FM synth as well as a PCM sample set. Fragmented melodies, eerie noise structures, boom boom bass bits and euphoric atmospheres make for a diversified trip through Berlin techno. Avoiding the over swung click-clack of today’s German techno, this album embodies a lot of soul while still remaining loopy and decadent.

File under: Bpitch Control, Shut Up And Dance, Deetron

Darren Ressler

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