Track of the Moment: Robert Babicz’s ‘Rave Angel’ EP (Bedrock)

Robert Babicz Rave Angel Bedrock

A dance floor journeyman whose work dates back to producing acid tracks in the ’90s, Cologne-based DJ/producer Robert Babicz has steadfastly blazed new trails in the realm of techno in recent years. Wielding a signature ranging from deep and minimal to tech-house, Babicz’s latest and greatest for Bedrock confirms his ascent to the top run of his chose genre’s ladder.

“Rave Angel” gets the party started right with a no-holds-barred assault of clanging hi-hats and a kick drum from heaven (or hell). This bad-ass, full-on assault is tailor-made for big rooms and festivals alike.

Babicz rounds out his EP with another sweat-inducing floor burner, “Wonderland,” crafted albeit in a housier mindset. He smoothly changes gears on the stripped down “Shifting Reality,” a comedown track featuring horns and piano melodies played over an effervescent soundscape, bringing to mind the majesty of The Beloved and its Balearic ilk.

A brilliantly well-rounded release, this is an EP you shouldn’t sleep on.

Darren Ressler

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