Review: Raelism – ‘Freedom Within the Prison’



London-based Max Rael is the producer behind Realism. His track “Your Obedient Servants” climbed to #19 in journalist Mick Mercer’s list of Top 30 goth singles of all-time. After listening to his new EP, Freedom Within the Prison, it’s clear Rael has an eclectic taste in music and appreciates experimenting with blending genres together. After all, one of the beautiful things about electronic music is that one style can introduce you to a sub-genres, taking you to places that allow you to appreciate music you normally wouldn’t seek out.

Freedom Within The Prison is just that. It’s a fusion of electronica and experimental, featuring some luscious melodies. Although Realism’s style is not for everyone, those who like to venture out and try new things, Freedom Within the Prison is worth your attention.

For a sneak peak of Realism’s Freedom From Within the Prison, check it out on SoundCloud.

Scott Binder

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