Review: Aubergine MACHINE – “Hostage” (Liberated)

Aubergine MACHINE Hostage


Electro-pop duo Aubergine MACHINE are ready for the summer with their new single, “Hostage.” The duo consisting of the two-time multi-platinum artist Ian Carey and talented vocalist Shanti Ellis teamed up in 2012 to create a project that is a combination of electronica and pop. “For ‘Hostage’ we went back to the future and used our favorite ’90s trip-hop/neo soul influences to produce a fresh, deep, ultra modern song. We really enjoyed working on this one because it felt very natural to leave a little space to make it a little bit dark,” they’ve said. In “Hostage,” the duo executed their vision perfectly and created a tune that works for a radio audience, while also appealing to a more alternative crowd. Although it’s a bit more mainstream, the vibe of “Hostage” reminds me a little bit of some of Halou’s material. Included with the original work is a solid club remix. The duo also produced a cool rendition of “Call if Fate” by the Strokes. I hope the duo continues to put energy into their partnership. They have something great budding, and I’m curious to see how it unfolds for them.

Scott Binder

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