Review: Rennie Foster – ‘Childish Things’ EP (RF Music)

Rennie Foster - Childish Things


With the summer (finally) in our sights, it’s high time we banished the winter blues and enter more laid-back times. Say hello, then, to Rennie Foster, who really comes up trumps here with the sumptuous effort that comprises the Childish Things EP, a fascinating jaunt down the more thoughtful and considered side of his production arsenal. Warm, fuzzy and full of good vibes aplenty, the title track leaves the listener basking in a celestial glow, the likes of which will see it perfectly suited to Balearic dance floors especially. A real winner, it’s matched only by “Traders” in the quality stakes. On the latter, Foster calls on the trumpet again, but this time, it’s married with a far more up-tempo sound signature. On paper, that might sound like an odd pairing, but on the ear, it’s a very different story.

“Grass Roots” is the other track on offer, and thanks to its otherworldly twists and turns as well as its many smoldering hues, it too intoxicates the listener, while its title (presumably?) gives us a sneak peak in to Foster’s trail of musical thought. A real delight from the off, this one deserves all the plaudits it can muster.

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