Review: Oli Furness – ‘Four 4 The Floor’ EP (Music is Love)

Oli Furness Four 4 the Floor EP


House music has never been more popular than it is right now and someone very much defining its direction is Oli Furness. The Manchester man is running his own Music is Love label, parties at Sankeys under the same name and is also producing his own red-hot jams. Here come three more on said label that are no nonsense weapons. “Hunger” goes first and is a bouncy, tight number with groaning female vocals, oversized kick drums that have real ping to them and plenty of hardcore stabs. “Overjack” is even more out there with its tight melody phrase dancing up and down, reverse stabs bringing and old-school flava and tons of whistles, tin pot DIY percussion and vibes galore. Last but not least, “Creepin in the Shadows” is a slinky bit of MAW style house with rolling drums, street wise vocal snippets and super slick hi-hats. Overall, this is a seriously hefty EP of house music that makes you wanna move.

Ian Fleming

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