Alix Perez / “I’m Free” / “Melanie”


Alix Perez shows his meaner side with “I’m Free,” a masterful combination of bleeps, bloops and, most importantly, bass! Throwing together all that he knows about building atmospheres with a few samples and a cheeky grin, Alix creates a moody vibe throughout on the A side of this release, which is only surpassed slightly by the carefree class of “Melanie” on the flip. Straying back into familiar Perez territory, ‘Melanie’ is hauntingly beautiful with its reversed strings, falling piano lines and rolling breakbeat combo that I just can’t get enough of. Don’t sleep on yet another quality release from Friction’s Shogun imprint; sexier than chocolate underwear.

Jeryl Wilton
File under: Digital, Calibre, Atlantic Connection

Darren Ressler