Album Review: Luca Lozano / ‘Life in Black and White’ (Klasse Recordings)

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Luca Lozano patiently travels with an unassuming gait as daylight dwindles, the ex-Zombie Disco Squadian presenting closing time beats and diet dub ambling into jazz and disco downs. The mood is mild to say the least, Lozano resisting anything fiery by spinning from the corner of your dining room, effectively minding his own business (the Gallic trip-hop perch of “Chaki Zulu”) while you host guests and make idle chitchat. Once you’ve upped and left, Lozano will still be spinning, making use of the fading light, though attempts to get under your skin with the likes of “Lunch with Mr Ho” and “Need Nothing” doing cosmic disco with the blinds down, more often than not meekly scratch at the surface.

“Tombstone,” a folk-gothic hip-hop instrumental, is a necessary change of scenery, only slightly marred by the S’Express sample tacked onto the end, and “Layer Conveyer” is a groove through the gears, finding wistful house that’s refined while in a busier mood. The emergence of “In This World But Not Of It” suggests Lozano is done being a night owl and his sprightlier house mood wants to tackle a new day, helping advance the prevalent playing of a waiting game and showing the album isn’t a complete nobody. Therefore, easy to slip on to give the room some noise and shape without your brain having to fire — which might not sound like much, but sometimes is all you need.

File under: DJ Cam, Pablo Nouvelle, Portico Quartet

Matt Oliver

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