Album Review: Karocel / ‘Plaited’ (Freude am Tanzen)

Karocel Plaited


Unafraid to make its perspiration visible when well prepared to make image everything, Karocel spin electro with substance without it being a wheel of fortune. The six-piece have mapped out their plan for house keepsakes the other way round, hatching an album out of a live spectacle, and it’s not hard to recognise their potential of making festival tents wheeze.

The part-time vocal of Antje Seifarth sounds like the twirling of pigtails is afoot, only thinking about becoming a madame for the evening, as you may think it should, on “Whiteout” Fast-setting stereotypes are disproved when “Don’t Play” dispatches a batch of horn players at just the right time; the slimline keyboard manufacturing and European groove mascara is allowed to hang in the air for the duration, but pleasingly the dancefloor rather than a disconnected demeanour becomes priority number one.

“Vox” provides premium breeze when ravers are gasping for air, a “Pacific State”-like weave through the atmosphere staying true to Karocel’s recurring, kitsch-tinted recognition. “Tease You” will challenge the Duke Dumonts and Breachs of this world in vying for bass-based summer standout status, well supported by the tangy retro acid-piano-horns cocktail “This One” and more strong piano vibes on “It’s Me”. With interjections set up as on-stage go-betweens placed around their heavier hitters (funk round “Watts”, jazz soother “Parallels” and “Boyz,” that comes together from a straggle of jazz ideas), Kaorcel are all set for heavy rotation.

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Matt Oliver

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