Album Review: Jimpster / ‘Porchlight and Rockingchairs’ (Freerange)

Jimpster Porchlight and Rockingchairs


Recorded when the morning after has come too soon, Jimpster’s easygoing deep house and soul solutions make enquiries as to the lounge’s opening hours. When engaging space-sprinkled themes, Jamie Odell regularly checks his distance away from the bar and when to engage in the dancefloor’s throng, battling to energise and refresh you.

“Hold My Hand” is for when the techno-schooled nightowl wants to come out and play, mildly more persuasive in telling you to convert your casual head-nod into something more pro-active; while “High Wire” is a soul clap gesturing to go with what feels right – on a groove slickened by knee-weakening keys, it’s all love. The twittering flicker to “Rollergirl” shows Jimpster redirecting the ante as a way of upping it, in a semi-European method that soon drives on, and “Wanting You” may have you fielding questions about spiritual plains, astrophysical relations and whether you dreamt Cassie appearing in the background. The acoustic tapestry of “These Times” meanwhile has the album departing on a solemn note.

There’s no doubt you’ll feel calmed in the company of Jimpster’s sounds moving like champagne suds in a gold-rimmed glass. Said bubbles can compare to a really smooth drink that you can quaff repeatedly, until you realise it might actually be blander than it says on the label, though a more courteous companion you couldn’t ask for.

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Matt Oliver

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