[Photos] Vh1 Supersonic Festival in Goa, India Day 1

Henrik B For Vh1 Supersonic, Candolim

Ask DJ connected to dance music in a global way and they will tell you that India is coming on strong when it comes to electronic music culture. As DJs from all over the world now make sure to visit the country on their tours, India’s thirst for EDM seems almost insatiable. The surge in interest has given rise to a local contingent of talented artists and a spate of well-produced music festivals.

The first installment of the five-day Vh1 Supersonic Festival, held on the sands of Candolim in Goa, kicked off yesterday. The festival serves as a testament to the exploding rise of dance culture in India, with a lineup filled with Indian and world-class mixing talent.

The Laboratoire Supersonique stage was highlighted by Goldfish + Blink, with Sweden’s Henrick B and the Netherlands’ Alvaro bringing their pumping brand of epic house in prime time. The Spectrum stage featured psy-trance, progressive and trance, with India’s finest acts, Helium Project and Audiogramme, serving as examples of the country’s burgeoning electronic music scene. Likewise, Pulse and Tristan held court, keeping the crowd on their feet, wanting more, more, more.

Day two of Vh1 Supersonic Festival takes place today featuring Norman Doray, Sander Kleinenberg, Midival Punditz and more. Watch the live stream here.


Alvaro For Vh1 Supersonic, Candolim


Audiogramme For Vh1 Supersonic, Candolim

Goldfish & Blink

Goldfish&Blink For Vh1 Supersonic, Candolim

Helium Project

Helium Project For Vh1 Supersonic, Candolim


Joel For Vh1 Supersonic, Candolim


Navin For Vh1 Supersonic, Candolim

Nikhil Chinapa and Ramona Arena

Nikhil Chinapa & Ramona Arena For Vh1 Supersonic, Candolim

Rohit Barker

Rohit Barker  For Vh1 Supersonic, Candolim.jpg

DJ Tristan

Tristan For Vh1 Supersonic, Candolim

Yehouda Silverman

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