Gear Review: DiscoDSP Corona Synthesizer

Now in its third edition, this monster virtual-analog synth from DiscoDSP, formally known as the Corona Synthesizer,  is not just another plug-in gone viral, it’s a whole world of sound waiting to be discovered. At first glance it appears to be loaded with features you are all quite familiar with, but upon closer inspection it become apparent that this isn’t just some middle-of-the-road three-oscillator soft-synth.

Designed for today’s most sophisticated machines, this synth is offered not just as a 32-bit application, but as a 64-bit as well, allowing for the best possible computing algorithms, offering pristine audio clarity. The voice begins with a three virtual-analog and wave oscillators, which sound anything from a dissonant wind chime, to a full-blown port city foghorn. Programming the beast is a blast, as the 32-step arpeggiator allows you to build the craziest leads you have always dreamed of. The arp has a unique MIDI out feature as well, which allows you to use its vast programmability with your other soft synths or outboard hardware as well. Several high-quality digital effects allow for further processing, freeing up more CPU by not forcing you to stack more plug-ins on your synth channel. The best feature of this synth however is its huge analog-modeled filter section, which just makes for massive bass bits, and speaker crushing lead lines.

After a simple install, I started pulling up the vast number of presets (which are all quite excellent I may add), I selected one and began to program my own voice. The workflow is quite easy, as the controls are all exposed and there is no need to go from menu to menu like some other products out there. The modulation matrix is easy to use as well, no need to hunt all over to find where your LFO is going. From big pads to eccentric sound effects, this brute of a plug can do it all. If you have been lusting after some of the finer hardware virtual analog units and just can swing the investment, this modestly priced synth will surely exceed all expectations.



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