Review: Upercent – Pedres EP


4 out of 5 stars

Spanish supremo Upercent finds his way back to Sincopat with another tale to tell. The Pedres EP is his seventh project for the label and the electronica-infused tech-houser brings a subtle funk and full-bodied warmth, as much the result of an old-school analogue foundation as Upercent’s own stylings. The title track rolls out with a slick groove built on wide-bottom kicks and a flirty piano alongside jagged-edged synth tears. David Keno’s remix strips out some of the flipside’s melodic elements and opts for a more straightforward pounder. The original “Cronopio” is a solid slow burner with dynamic layers, hypnotic percussion, and a haunting vocal that all tie together for a somewhat melancholy experience. Third Son’s “Cronopio” remix is a bit more shadowy than its counterpart, but the pumpin’ upbeat vibe and robo bleeps give this one a quirky personality all its own. It’s been a good year for the Sincopat team and the Pedres EP keeps the party going.

DJ Elroy

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