Review: Alex Niggemann – Siyawa

Alex Niggeman Siyawa

Alex Niggeman Siyawa

3.5 out of 5 stars

German powerhouse producer Alex Niggemann needs no introduction. If you’ve been to a club at all over the past few years you’ve probably heard his work, and his newest pair of tech-house dreamers on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth label speak for themselves. “Siyawa” is a melodic experiment built atop a solid bottom and colored by bobbing blips. It’s full of life and a bittersweet happiness that tells of hardships and perseverance and hard-fought victories. (Yes, I got all that from a song with no words.) “Ace Kwela” isn’t quite as outspoken as the flipside, but the big kick and airy pads warm up the groove nicely and the layers build to the break with a slow, steady confidence. Great new addition to the LNOE catalog!

DJ Elroy

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