Review: Com Truise – Silicon Tare EP

Com Truise Silicon Tare EP


Silicon Tare, the latest chapter of the ongoing sci-fi inspired Com Truise saga that began with the Galactic Melt album, sees the producer setting the tone with this EP for an epic conclusion on one final LP as Com Truise. And what a set up it is. Things start off optimistically with the the dreamy synths and hard 808 stabs that dominate in “Sunspot.” But by the time closing track “Du Zirconia” commences, there is a markedly different vibe to the proceedings. With tense synths the main focus of the track has a quite distant feel to it — not mournful as such but introspective definitely and it’s the perfect way for it to end. An air of uncertainty abounds that you will not be able to wait to get resolved, and you can’t help but feel there is a feeling of loss in there.

What goes on in the middle holds everything together. Sandwiched between these tracks is the continuation of the tale taken to even greater heights. If “Sunspot” starts where “Wave” left off and “Du Zirconia” sets the final chapter up, then the middle lets this part of the tale blossom. With the glorious cinematic synths that have become synonymous with Com Truise at the forefront once again, great swathes of sound cascade creating a mesmerising atmosphere. The hazy “Forgive,” the focussed and punchy “Diffraction” and the moody, reflective title track all sound as close to the future as we can imagine. The penultimate nature of Silicon Tare sets things perfectly for this odyssey to end. Until then you can bask in the glory of Silicon Tare, an EP that is honestly as good as a separate musical identity as it is as part of the Com Truise story.

Gavin Brown

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