Review: Ardalan – Thunderdad EP (Dirtybird)

Ardalan - Thunderdad Dirtybird


Dirtybird dynamo Ardalan is able to spread his wings a bit more after 2015 saw several side projects and his debut The Yeah/No solo EP for the label getting props from DJs and dance floors alike. Now with his second solo extended-player, Thunderdad, Ardalan adds another win to his resume.

The title track epitomizes the quirkiness and unique character of Dirtybird’s signature sound: wide kicks, dynamic bass, acid zips, bouncy beats, a gritty vibe and robo-vox that make this the perfect spin for dark and sweaty dance floors.

The flipside, “Look It,” starts with a punchy kick and layers techy stabs, buzzing synths and twisted samples on top to build a subtle groove with a subdued beat. This one is driving without being aggressively overwhelming.

The EP doesn’t soar to new heights, but it doesn’t need to because Thunderdad delivers exactly what we want from the Dirtybird nest. And with Miami (and the unofficial start of the 2016 club season) right around the corner, I expect to get a healthy dose of this Dirtybird ditty in regular rotation at upcoming underground events.

DJ Elroy

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