Review: The Sound of Good Voodoo 3 (Good Voodoo Society)



Good Voodoo Society’s Domineeky is always looking for fresh tracks to give deep-house fans and selectors. The label honcho and producer confidently puts his musical cards on the table with The Sound of Good Voodoo 3, a compilation marking five years of diverse music, containing previously unreleased tracks and unheard remixes, reimagined and resurrected to feed starving dance floors and hungry ears alike.

Standouts include the quintessential disco-house track “Party for Sona” (Domineeky Edit), while “Moneda Funk in the Green Room” (Orig) rolls out organic and sexy broken beat with flutes, guitars and piano. The low-key groove and smooth filtered flavor of “Left, Right, and Centre” (Domineeky & One Vista Disco Dub) heats things up, and Domineeky’s remix of “Big City” proves that sometimes a simple disco-y house hook is all you need to move the ‘floor. The contrast of peaks and valleys feels natural; the hot tracks are fire but even the fillers have enough spice to earn a spot in the rotation. Also deserving a listen are the pumpin’ kicks and uplifting hook of “Promise Me Love,” the twisted Afro-house rhythms of “Luca,” the fun drum-barrage of “Fundamental,” and the set-closing orchestral downtempo dub “Sunny Afro.” SoGV3 is worth picking up if you’re looking for a new spin on deep house or just something unique to feature in your set.

DJ Elroy

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