Bob Mould Will Not Blow You Off

blowoff   Bob Mould blazed indie rock trails as the singer-guitarist in ‘80s post-punk trio Hüsker Dü. After attaining critical success as a solo artist and piloting Sugar, Mould, who relocated from New York City to Washington, DC in 2003, has been piloting Blowoff, an anything goes DJ project/club night in DC, along with über producer/remixer Richard Morel.

Shortly after the 2006 release of Blowoff’s excellent, sadly overlooked self-titled debut—a flawless collection which melded pop, rock, and electronic music—Mould described the duo’s club night to Big Shot as “somewhere between Thank God It’s Friday and The Black party,” and we’ve been intrigued by his long-running shindig at the 9:30 Club ever since.

Fortunately for us Gothamites, Mould and Morel head up I-95 this weekend and will bring their party to the Highline Ballroom on Saturday. We caught up with Mould, the self-described nicest guy in the world, and asked him what us jaded New Yorkers can expect to experience on Saturday.

What can newcomers to Blowoff expect from the night?
Bob Mould: A fun crowd, fresh visuals, and a very wide variety of club and indie music.

Have any diehard Hüsker fans ever run screaming from a Blowoff gig?
I wouldn’t know; I’m too busy throwing a party to notice.

How do you rate yourself as a DJ these days?
I do okay. I’d like to think my choices in music are better than my technical skills.

You used to call New York City home. What’s it like to play here now that you live in DC?
It will be fun to see all my NYC buds again. Lots of them have been coming to DC to check out the party, so it’s the least I could do in bringing it up here.

Richard Morel is such an amazingly talented musician (he really shines on your new live DVD!). What have you learned from working with him?
Richard Morel has a great ear for music, and his own style. Blowoff is the sum of the different approaches. It’s been working well.

Who was the last person you blew off?
I never blow anyone off. I’m the nicest guy in the world.

Darren Ressler