‘SNL’ Spoofs EDM With ‘When Will The Bass Drop?’


Comedian Andy Samberg set his sights on EDM and the cult of superstar DJs this past weekend on the Saturday Night Live Digital Short When Will The Bass Drop? Portraying a DJ called Davvincii, Samburg’s character fries eggs, plays video games on his laptop and manicures a rock garden while a dance floor packed with rabid fans chomp at the bit for the bass to drop. As Davvinci teases and taunts the crowd (yes, he has an actual bass button positioned next to his pair of CDJs), a parade of security guards deliver sacks of money to the DJ booth, fans throw cash and jewelry at him and he even swipes credit cards from clubbers as his track plays. We won’t spoil what happens when the bass actually does drop, but let’s just say it’s straight out of Canadian science-fiction director David Cronenberg’s 1981 cult classic Scanners. Spoiler alert: be on the lookout for a prominent cameo from Lil Jon. Yeaaahh!

Darren Ressler

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