8 Pictures from Avicii’s Mansion Overlooking the Hollywood Hills

Avicii mansion

Swedish DJ/producer Avicii is living large in Los Angeles. According to Curbed, the 24-year-old bought a 7,000-square-foot mansion with an open floor plan for an estimated $15.5 million. His stylish abode sports five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a 75-foot-long lap pool, home theatre (of course), walk-in closets, tons of modern amenities and majestic views of the surrounding Hollywood Hills. If you’re thinking about popping by to pay him a visit, a security system using fingerprint recognition technology will politely send you on your way.

avicii home 2

avicii home 3

Avicii isn’t the only DJ star in Los Angeles with a killer house. In 2011, Moby relocated from New York City to a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. According to the New York Times, Moby paid just under $4 million for the house adding another $2 million into a major restoration project. Last year, Scottish DJ/producer/singer also moved into the Hollywood Hills, buying a four-bedroom, seven-bath mansion. It’s definitely time for MTV to bring back Cribs, only focusing on baller DJ homes.

avicii home 4

avicii home 5

avicii home 6

avicii home 7

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