Moby Asks $7.5 Million for Penthouse

moby house

Who says producing dance music, DJing, touring and licensing your songs like a mofo for 20 years doesn’t pay off? This week, Moby comes out of the closet and reveals on The Deal’s weekly webcast that he’s quite the mini real estate mogul. On the program, Moby hawks his breathtaking four-story, five terrace penthouse apartment at the El Dorado on Central Park West. All of the chaos in the sub-prime mortgage market doesn’t seem to be affecting him one bit. As lifelong New Yorkers who’ve seen lots of swank abodes, we think his crib is one of the nicest apartments we’ve ever laid eyes on. Are you listening, Donald Trump?

Moby leads a cameraman around his sprawling, well-decorated digs (love those framed pictures with Bill and Hillary!), which he’s selling because he misses his Downtown friends way too much. Moby also reports he’s invested in Landmark 17, another luxury property in Gramercy Park, and gives us a tour of the new development.

“If you’re interested in living in a four-level art deco sky castle, contact either Corcoran or Elliman; they’ll tell you how much it costs,” says our favorite vegan. Being an uptight WASP from Connecticut, I’m uncomfortable talking about money.”

Darren Ressler