Ken Ishii, Greencross & Different Is Different Team Up To Mint ‘Collusion NFT’ Collection


“Collusion 33,” the first collaboration from techno artists Ken Ishii and Greencross and Different Is Different RecordsCollusion NFT series, will be minted and made available for purchase today via Mintbase Fiundation at 3:30 PM Central European Time.

The premise of the nine-part series is that each producer creates a track, then “colludes to remix each other’s originals and deliver it as a four-track release.”

Each NFT has its own 33-second animation created by Federico Bebber, an acclaimed Italian VFX and 3D artist. To view the entire nine-part animation, you will need to watch each track’s animations in order.

With the purchase of each non-fungible token (NFT), collectors — who will own 33 percent of the publishing rights — will unlock the master file for the track in lossless WAV, plus a 4K video file of the animation.

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Darren Ressler

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