Caribou Bounces Back From Social Media Fiasco with ‘Suddenly Remixes’ Collection

caribou-Dan Snaith

A year after issuing Caribou’s fifth full-length album, Suddenly, electronic music producer Dan Snaith has announced the upcoming release of a 12-track remix collection.

The news comes after Snaith caused a furor on social media in late December 2020 when he took to Twitter to announce he had declined a corporate virtual DJ gig paying $40,000.

Snaith’s tweet was viewed by many as tone-deaf since musicians worldwide are out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the now-deleted post, Snaith wrote: “I was just offered $40k to DJ virtually for a private company on NYE. Hey corporates – looking at the world RN, can’t think of a better use of your slush fund than pissing it up the wall so yr pampered staff can watch overpaid DJs prance around the lamest virtual party of all time?”

With that kerfuffle behind him, Suddenly Remixes interpretations by Four Tet and Morgan Geist, Floating Points, India Jordan and Shanti Celeste as well as three unreleased remixes by Toro y Moi, Jessy Lanza, and Prince Nifty.

To whet fans’ appetite for the March 12 release, Snaith shared Koreless’ remix of “Never Come Back.”

Obligatory press release gush from Snaith:

“Sometimes remixes are commissioned to be marketing tools or to make the music functional in a club. But for me, there’s only one reason to get remixes done: because I’m a giddy fan of the remixer. Looking down the tracklisting of this remix album, it’s a thrill to see a list of producers whose music I find so inspiring collected there. Some are established artists, some are just starting out; some I messaged, begging a remix, right after coming across their music for the first time; and some are dear friends whose music I’ve loved for a while—but in every case, I feel very lucky to hear their music and mine connected on this remix album.”

Suddenly Remixes tracklist:

1. Never Come Back (Koreless Remix)
2. Never Come Back (Four Tet Remix)
3. Home (Toro y Moi Remix)
4. Sunny’s Time (Logic1000 Remix)
5. Sister (Floating Points Remix)
6. Ravi (Shanti Celeste Remix)
7. You and I (Jessy Lanza Mix)
8. Sunny’s Time (Prince Nifty Saddle Up Mix)
9. Never Come Back (Floating Points Remix)
10. Never Come Back (Morgan Geist Remix)
11. Sunny’s Time (Kareem Ali Remix)
12. Like I Loved You (India Jordan Remix)

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