Man Power Launching ‘2013-2016’ Remix Comp & Subscription-Only Label

Man Power Last DJ Gig Before Lockdown

Geoff Kirkwood (a.k.a. Man Power) has announced the upcoming release of Remixes by Man Power (2013-2016) on December 11 via his Me Me Me label.

The 14-track compilation features Kirkwood’s interpretations of tracks by Bryan Ferry, Made In Sane and Alexander Khov.

December will also see the launch of Kirkwood’s Value subscription-only label (more info here). For a monthly or yearly fee, subscribers will receive four new Man Power tracks and additional music not available elsewhere.

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Obligatory press release quote from the Man himself about Valve: “This subscription model feels like a way that I can offer true value for the people who want to support my music, while also maintaining value in the music itself. It makes things feel exclusive and hard to find, and not readily available for people who don’t understand it or value it, which is how music used to feel when I started collecting it.”

Remixes by Man Power (2013-2016) Track List

1. Made In Sane – Flying Circuits (Man Power Remix)
2. 9dw – Hot Shot (Man Power Remix)
3. Atella – Mechanical Sparrow (Man Power Remix)
4. Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca – Pink Ghost (Man Power Remix)
5. Kauf – A Ruin (Man Power Remix)
6. Bryan Ferry – Midnight Train (Man Power Remix)
7. Woolfy vs Projections – Chances Are (Man Power Remix)
8. Alexander Khov – Radiowave (Man Power Remix)
9. Naduve – A Trip in Tel Aviv (Man Power Remix)
10. Zombies in Miami – This Is Not The End (Man Power Remix)
11. Ess O Ess – Re Enter (Man Power Remix)
12. Tronik Youth – Zulu Whisky Hotel (Man Power Remix)
13. Naduve & Katzele – Nein (Man Power Remix)
14. Omer – Dust (Man Power Remix)

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