Influential German DJ/Producer Pascal F.E.O.S. Has Died

Pascal Feos

Veteran German DJ/producer Pascal Dardoufas (better known as Pascal F.E.O.S.) has died, according to posts on social media. The cause of death is not yet known.

Dardoufas played a major role in shaping the sound of German electronic music in the ’90s, particularly in the arena of trance. Along with partner Jason Birchmeier, he helped pilot Resistance D through a spate of releases on Eye Q and Harthouse. Dardoufas and Birchmeier eventually parted ways. By 1997, Dardoufas had shifted his sound toward techno. That year launched his own label, Planet Vision, and released music by artists including Ricardo Villalobos and Thomas Schumacher. His debut album on the label referenced an acronym for his musical moniker, From the Essence of Minimalistic Sound.

During his multi-decade career, he produced four more full-length albums. He collaborated on various projects and released tracks under numerous names over the span of more than 200 releases: Sonic Infusion, Aural Float, Audiowerk, Azid Force, Infinite Aura, Bi-Face, Edenhouse, Hearts of Space, Minimalistic Source, Dune, Gen.D, and Syncorpation.

Dardoufas, who was based in Frankfurt, is being remembered on social media by fellow DJs and producers.

Tronic Records boss Christian Smith posted on Facebook: “Shocked to hear about Pascal FEOS’s untimely passing. We were starting to work together on a few projects for Tronic. Incredible talent, really nice and honest person, and I’m very sad he has left us. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.”

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