‘I-go-I-e’ Electronic Music Compilation To Benefit Japanese Kids Charity


With the world full of negativity at the moment, experimental electronic music label Wave Folder is pushing back to make a positive impact.

This week the imprint released I-go-I-e, a 20-track compilation benefiting Kidsdoor, a Tokyo-based non-profit organization founded in 2007 that focuses on the education of children from underserved areas of Japan.

The participating artists – including Scanner, DJ Synthesizer, Jessica Kert and Hiroshi Hasegawa – were challenged to creatively build their tracks using samples of Buddist chants and instruments recorded at Japanese temples located in Kyoto, performed by monks of three different sects (Jōdo-shū, Tendai-shū and Shingon-shū).

I-go-I-e is available now via Bandcamp and limited-edition microSD card with over 4GB of data full of audio content including recording sessions from the temples.

More information about the release can be found here.

Track Listing:
1. DJ Synthesizer – Echo feat. Shouei Mitsmizo
2. Hiroshi Hasegawa – Chaotic Mandala
3. Scanner – A Path Where this is None
4. HATAKEN – 151A
5. Jessica Kert – Nobody really knows
6. Dave Skipper – (D/R)CnSTRXn [i. deep breathing]
7. Dave Skipper – (D/R)CnSTRXn [ii. time fracture]
8. Naoki Nomoto – kyoto 1
9. Naoki Nomoto – kyoto 2
10. Scanner Darkly – imprint
11. Renick Bell – Completion of One is the Beginning of the Next
12. Tom Hall – Point of Failure
13. Shell Child – Echoes Of Kyoto
14. jprecursor – zk.19-111101
15. Mr Winter – IMM_190921_MrW_03_Shoei
16. Tatata5 – Kantan no yume
17. Ambrose Field – 桜 | Sakura | 樱花 | Cherry Blossom
18. Ipnoteca – drift away
19. Radek Rudnicki – Ichi-go ichi-e
20. Hanaka – … of flow

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Darren Ressler

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