Darren Emerson ‘Evolve’ Quarterly DJ Mix Series Kicks Into Full Gear

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Earlier this year UK house/techno journeyman Darren Emerson, who has been busy touring with 3D partners Danny Howells and Dave Seaman, announced the launch of Evolve, a new quarterly mix compilation series. What’s special about Evolve is that each edition will be comprised solely of tracks from his Detone label.

After a “few hiccups the last couple of months” the first installment will now receive a December 14 release.

The track listing features a slew of Emerson’s own productions — “Bub” (originally released on Selador), “Creepin” with Sian and a pair of exclusive new cuts, “Stop It” and “Scratcher” — as well as contributions from Hansgod, John Tejada, Saytek, Linear B, Jon Cowan, Thomas Angstrom, Copy Paste Soul, Sinisa Tamamovic and others. We’ve listened to an advance promo and can attest that Emerson has indeed raised the bar to a staggering new height.

Obligatory press release hush from Emerson about Evolve: “I wanted the first edition of ‘Evolve’ to highlight my evolution as an artist, so it includes bits that I’ve done a few years ago and some stuff that’s come out recently, plus some brand new exclusives. Naturally as things change in our life we are EVOLVING, so this project will represent my journey as an artist and a label owner.”

Evolve Track Listing

  1. Darren Emerson – Evolve (DJ Mix)
  2. Darren Emerson – Bub
  3. Hansgod – Scale (Original Mix)
  4. John Tejada – Shapeshifter
  5. Copy Paste Soul – State Of Mind (Original Mix)
  6. Darren Emerson & Jamie McHugh – Dark Matter (Kingpin Cartel Remix)
  7. Darren Emerson – Scratcher (Original Mix)*
  8. Sinisa Tamamovic – Acid Trip
  9. Darren Emerson & Sian – Creepin
  10. Darren Emerson – Stop It (Original Mix)*
  11. Saytek – Marimba (live)
  12. G Flame – Turmoil (Original_Mix)
  13. Linear B – Catching Comets
  14. Jon Cowan – I’m Back
  15. Thomas Angstrom – Detoned (Original Mix)
  16. Darren Emerson – Daschine (Acid Mix)
  17. Darren Emerson – Birdcage

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