The $35k Handmade Phonographic Perambulator Turntable Will Delight Audiophiles’ Ears and Design Geeks’ Eyes


Known for crafting high-end equipment for clientele who don’t need to worry about price, award-winning artist/designer Kostas Metaxas’ Metaxas & Sins has teased the release of the Phonographic Perambulator Turntable.

The mother of all turntables is priced at a spectacularly expensive US$35,000 and will make its debut at the Munich High End show in May.

The curvy deck is made from solid block of aircraft grade aluminum and titanium and features a lathe-turned aluminum platter base and runs on a Swiss Maxon motor belt-driven system and comes with a tonearm with a pure Sapphire tube and jeweled bearings.

Metaxas makes each product by hand with two sons with only the best materials, a time-intensive labor of love. He creates bespoke audio products with a singular design sensibility. His work is the perfect confluence of art and science. He aims to provide the “finest objects money can buy.”

But there’s more: M&S’ will also introduce their GQT Portable Recording Device No 1 (pictured below) at the show, a portable reel-to-reel recorder. The GQT is based on the Stellavox SM8 recorder, and has been “designed for ultimate location recording and playback duties.” No word yet on how much it’ll cost, but you know it ain’t gonna be cheap.


Yehouda Silverman

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