Carl Craig Takes Motor City Techno to the Next Level with the Birth of Detroit Love Series with 74-Minute Stacey Pullen Mix

stacey pullen detroit love mix

Motor City techno stalwart Carl Craig launched the Detroit Love event series in 2014 to spread the city’s musical vibes far and wide. An artist who’s always thinking two steps ahead, Craig has just announced the launch of an eponymous imprint, a collaboration between his Planet E label and !K7. The series will shine the spotlight on up-and-coming and established artists who have aligned themselves with the city’s sound.

The label will make its debut on May 18 with Detroit Love, a sprawling 16-track DJ mix from fellow hometown icon and Blackflag Recordings boss Stacy Pullen.

Pullen’s expansive mix features tracks and mixes from DJ 3000, Craig Sherrad, Patrice ScottDelano SmithGary Martin and Ataxia. (See full track list below.)

Obligatory press release gush from Stacey Pullen: “I wanted to showcase the versatility of music from Detroit, whether it be a Detroit label or Detroit artist, the connection is there for you to grasp. My mix features music from across the board by artists that have been around for a while and those new to the scene.”

Obligatory press release gush from Carl: “Detroit Love as a label is the most obvious progression from what we have done with the parties. The idea is to connect the vibe of the parties with something people can take home with them.”

Detroit Love: Stacey Pullen Track list:

  1. Soulphiction – Ann Arbor (Original Mix)
  2. Craig Sherrad – The Fader
  3. Remote Viewing Party – 410
  4. Delano Smith – They’re Coming
  5. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts (Marcellus Pittman Remix)
  6. Burning Bridges – System
  7. Gary Martin – Galaxy Style
  8. Ken Young – Horney Chords
  9. Ataxia – Time
  10. DJ 3000 – Delray (Original Mix)
  11. Sawlin – Wired Everything
  12. Chicola – Sidechain Memory
  13. MOTUO – Purple Pulse
  14. Burning Bridges – Low Down (Original Mix)
  15. Gary Martin – We Get Down (12inch Mix)
  16. Patrice Scott – Detroit State of Mind

Darren Ressler

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