Pioneer App Makes It Easier to Record DJ Mixes — But There’s a Catch

pioneer DJM-REC

Recording and sharing DJ mixes can be a royal pain in the butt. However, the process just got a little easier thanks to Pioneer DJ’s DJM-REC app.

Recognizing the pain points and obstacles DJs go through when it comes to creating DJ mixes, the app — which is presently only available for iOS — offers easy connection, high-quality audio recording plus easy online sharing and streaming.

Here’s how it works: You download the app pn your iPhone or iPad, then plug into any DJM mixer that has the digital send/return feature using a single USB cable. (The catch is that the app won’t work with a non-DJM mixer). The port is on the top of the mixer rather than the back, so it’s super easy to connect.

DJM-REC is now available for a free 30-day trial. The paid version will set you back $9.99 or €10.99. No word yet on when an Android version will be available.

Check the app’s full specs below.

Simple connection to DJM series mixers
Install DJM-REC on your iPhone or iPad, then simply plug into any DJM mixer which has the digital send/return feature using a single USB cable. The port is on the top of the mixer rather than the back, so connecting is a breeze even in a dark DJ booth.

High-quality recording which minimises clipping and distortion
DJM-REC can control the peak limiter in the DJM Mixer. Tap the button to enable this feature and alleviate digital clipping. Audio from a digital mixer can be recorded directly in digital format without the need for analogue conversion.

Easily share your mixes with the world
Effortlessly live stream your mix through YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram and Snapchat via DJM-REC. Easily upload your recorded mixes, digital recordings of your analogue tracks, and remixed tracks created using features and FX on DJM mixers to cloud services such as Mixcloud and Dropbox.

Auto time-stamp for effortless track list creation
Time-stamps for tracks are automatically created thanks to the information transmitted from the DJM mixer, such as the fader positions, to the app. The time-stamps are editable and making track lists is easy, as you can edit track information per time-stamp within the app.

Powerful club-standard sound, remastered easily
Swipe the Loudness slider on DJM-REC to easily increase audio pressure. Punchy, heavier, vibrant bass sound that can’t be obtained by simply raising the signal level of the low range is created when you swipe the Sub Bass slider, as this creates new signals based on the track’s input signals. Old tracks can be refreshed with a powerful club sound, just like the latest releases.

Other features
Recorded sound on your iPhone/iPad can be input into DJM series mixers using the digital send/return feature.
Analogue recording in the app is possible using the microphone function on an iPhone/iPad with an external microphone when your device isn’t connected to a DJM mixer.

Yehouda Silverman

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