You Can Now Learn to DJ in VR


As more artists tap the power of virtual reality to create immersive 360° music videos as a means to further their artistic expression, Tribe VR, a VR/AR company, has teamed up with DJ Kryoman (a.k.a. Andrew Moore) and Pyramind, a San Francisco-based music school, to develop an immersive learning experience for aspiring DJs.

Tribe’s VR DJ school offers insight on how to virtually DJ and mix music using a virtual setup, with wannabe DJs learning the controls and techniques from Tribe’s virtual DJ mentors and mix sets.

The free play zone includes Kryoman’s tracks. Upcoming lessons include: beat-matching basics mixing techniques and DJ masterclasses. Tribe VR’s DJ school experience is available now on Oculus Rift for a launch price of $3.99.

tribe vr dj setup

Obligatory press release gush from Tom Impallomeni, co-founder and CEO of Tribe VR: “The team here at Tribe are a group of wannabe superstar DJs. We all love music and see VR as a way to remove the barriers to learning to DJ and produce music. It’s such a natural fit for VR, a multi-sensory experience which and opens up a whole world of possibilities for learning and creation. We hope that fans enjoy their first taste of DJing in VR as much as we have!”

Yehouda Silverman

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