Lifelike Launches ‘Electronic Dreams’ Kickstarter Campaign

Lifelike Launches Electronic Dreams Kickstarter Campaign

Veteran Parisian DJ/electronic music producer Laurent Ash, whose musical nom de plume is Likelike, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his next album, Electronic Dreams.

Ash, whose vast body of work includes collaborating with Kris Menaceremixing Moby and crafting awesome bootlegs, is seeking roughly US$30,000 to pay for CD and vinyl production, album design, promotion, videos and a launch party. He envisions the album is a collaboration with artists like A-TrakOliverChromeoElectric YouthYota, and Audio District.

Ash has a specific reason for not wanting to find a label partner, “After working in the past with both smaller independent labels and big major labels, I decided that I would do something different and speak directly to the people who love and support the music.”

He adds, “Sometimes when you work with a smaller label, they are overworked and don’t have the influence or financial muscle to really push a release in the right way. Or, when you work with a bigger label, you can lose control of the creative process, with your release disappearing into a marketing machine never to be seen again.”

Contributions to the campaign can be made here until December 3, 2017. Help this brother out!

Darren Ressler

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