Dave Clarke’s First Album in 14 Years Contains ‘Very Little Techno’

DJ Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke, who the legendary late BBC DJ John Peel dubbed The Baron of Techno, has announced plans to release his first artist album in 14 years. That’s right, 14 years!

The Desecration of Desire, which is set for release on October 27, follows 1995’s singles collection Archive One and 2003’s Devil’s Advocate, an assemblage of cuts Clarke “produced under various outside pressures.”

On The Desecration of Desire (Skint) Clarke intentionally veered away from his focus area of techno to explore his passion for punk, new wave, noise, and industrial music.

Says Clarke of his techno-free LP, “I live and breathe it every single week — but I wanted to make an album that was not a collection of club tracks. I listen to many types of music all the time and I felt free for the first time to implement this approach for my own project.”

Clarke assembled a roster of collaborators, including former Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan, LOUISAHHH, Mt. Sims, Gazelle Twin, and Keith Tenniswood.

The album’s lead track “Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears)” featuring Mark Lanegan was posted yesterday. Hit the play button below and get a taste of what lies ahead.

The Desecration Of Desire track list

  1. Exquisite
  2. Is Vic There? (feat. LOUISAHHH)
  3. Frisson (feat. Mt. Sims)
  4. Plasmatic
  5. Dot Forty One (Mute)
  6. Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears) (feat. Mark Lanegan)
  7. Monochrome Sun (feat. Mark Lanegan)
  8. Cover Up My Eyes (feat. Gazelle Twin)
  9. I’m Not Afraid (feat. Anika)
  10. Death Of Pythagoras

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